Hi! I'm Cameron. I'm a west coast native with a passion for good design, impactful engineering, and a nice cup of black coffee. These passions have led me from Oregon to the great state of New Hampshire, where I'm working on my PhD in mechanical engineering at Dartmouth. My research is focused on observing changes happening to the Arctic sea ice cover, and creating tools that allow scientists to measure these changes.

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Over the years my work has varied considerably, from strongly theoretical to impeccably practical. As a part of the EFMRL at Oregon State, I applied the theories of fluid mechanics to optimize a new type of renewable energy device for use in areas where damming is either cost prohibitive or unfeasible. Through my senior project with OSU AIAA, I learned the intricacies of aircraft design while applying specialized 3D printing techniques to create parts virtually impossible to create any other way. My internship at Leatherman took me through the design, testing, and validation process as performed by professionals, and sparked my interest in product + industrial design. Lam Research showed me what it's like to work on the absolute cutting edge of science, designing equipment used to produce the next generation of computer chips that power the devices that power our lives.

In everything I do, I pride myself on my attention to detail and knowledge in many different fields — both of which help me to solve problems effectively and simply. I love engineering, and my passion is to use it to better the world.


Here's a brief highlight of some of my interests and projects I've worked on over the years.

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I started doing black and white photography in high school and have had a passion for it ever since. I find photography to be the perfect hobby for an engineer — the perfect blend between art and science.

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Hanover, NH: Baker-Berry Library of Dartmouth College during winter.
Casco, ME: Cameron and Collin with their wish boats at Camp Sunshine.
Casco, ME: Rachelle and Eli at Camp Sunshine.
Eugene, OR: The gauges on my dad's motorcycle right after he wired them up.
Eugene, OR: My dad posing on his freshly restored 1971 Suzuki GS-650. He stripped the whole bike down to the frame and rebuilt it as a cafe racer.
Jackson, WY: The Grand Tetons.
Eugene, OR: Milo thinking he's a much scarier animal than he really is!
Jackson, WY: My car in Teton National Park in Jackson, WY.
Eugene, OR: My sister Katie posing with Allyson at Camp Sunshine, 2016.
Hanover, NH: Baker-Berry at night, I can't take enough pictures of this building.
Casco, ME: My step-mom Suzanne and her FARF coworkers at Camp Sunshine, 2016.
Me. Location: somehere in the US between Oregon and New Hampshire.
Mt. Rushmore National Park, SD: South Dakota license plates say "great faces, great places". I wonder why?
Casco, ME: Jacob and his mom at Camp Sunshine, 2016.
Hanover, NH: Dartmouth Hall in winter as the sun goes down.
Casco, ME: Kaeli and Allyson at Camp Sunshine 2016.
Hanover, NH: The Great Hall at the Thayer School
Orange, NH: Ryan and Henry on the top of Mt. Cardigan.
Orange, NH: Hank on the summit of Mt. Cardigan.
Norwich, VT: Jan and Andrew on top of the fire tower at Gile Mountain.
Norwich, VT: Andrew Allee, fall foliage. Good times all around.
Phoenix, AZ: Citrus growing next to my mom's condo.
Casco, ME: Ralf and Dr. Farid Boulad of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, NY (from Humans of New York!)
Eugene, OR: Deschutes Red Chair = my favorite west coast beer!
Hanover, NH: The Dartmouth campus at night after the first snow of the season!
Hanover, NH: Alden showing an ice core to a future scientist at our Montshire Mueseum of Science outreach event!
Ukpiaġvik, AK: The huts Nick, Chris, and I stayed in during our field work campaign in winter 2016.
Ukpiaġvik, AK: The main science center in Barrow. This building serves as the headquarters for all scientific endeavors opporating in the region.
Ukpiaġvik, AK: Eyesicles during field work. For the longest time I didn't even realize it was ice that was freezing, I though I just had really bad eye boogers!
Eugene, OR: Freezing rain during winter 2016.
Ukpiaġvik, AK: Elson Lagoon at twilight during winter. This region experiences a polar winter, characterized by 24 hour darkness.
Cambridge, MA: Harvard Yard as fall winds down. The Harvard campus is one of my favorites to photograph. Every building is beautiful and sort of Harry Potter-esk.

Before moving to the east coast, I decided to scan all my college notes so I could reference them easily in grad school. When doing this I realized I had a pretty complete and well organized collection of notes for almost my entire undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering (largely due to me working as an ADA note taker for quite a few classes)! I figured maybe, at some point, these might be useful to someone, somewhere, so I've decided to post them! If you use them and they help you, drop me a note. I'd love to hear about it!

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Intro to TFS


Fluid Mechanics

Heat Transfer

Applied Heat Transfer

Int. Fluid Mechanics



Strength of Materials

Material Science I

Material Science II

Intro to Design



Multivariable Calculus

Differential Equations

Numerical Analysis

PDE's for Engineers

E-Fundies I

E-Fundies II

Physics I

Physics II

Physics III


Numerical Methods

Statistics for Engineers

Mechanical Component Design

Computer Aided Design

G-Code Cheat Sheet

Boolean Algebra Guide



I bounce around a lot, but for the most part you can find me here!

Hanover, NH
Phone: 541 501 0228
Email: cplanck.th@dartmouth.edu

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